POLICY STATEMENT:  The Library established the following Standards of Conduct to illustrate what constitutes appropriate behavior in the Library, in order to promote the comfort and protection of all who use and work in the Library, and for the protection of Library materials.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs patron rights and responsibilities.

NOTE: Throughout all Library Policies the term “patron” shall include persons holding Livingston Library Cards, and all other visitors to the Library other than staff and members of the Library Board of Trustees.

STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: Library patrons and other visitors to the Library may not engage in any of the following list of actions or conduct within the Library building or on Library property.  Standards of Conduct are categorized based on the severity of the misconduct; and penalties for violations of any Standards will correspond to the severity of the misconduct.

Level I Standards – Any Patron who violates a Level 1 Standard will be asked to leave the Library for the remainder of the current day; more severe or repeated Level I violations may cause the patron to be subject to penalties for Level II violations.  The following examples of prohibited conduct are categorized as a Level I Standards, which are prohibited within the Library building or on Library property:

Smoking, spitting or using tobacco products or otherwise using, consuming, distributing, displaying, or being under the influence of alcohol (other than in accordance with an approved event) or any illegal substance(s).

Entering the Library without wearing pants, shorts, skirt or dress, and a shirt and shoes.

Playing audio equipment so that others can hear it. The use of headsets is permitted as long as such use does not disturb other Library patrons.

Using a cell phone, smart phone, tablet or other electronic device inappropriately, such as by talking loudly, playing loud music or other content, or otherwise disturbing others.

Sleeping in the Library.

Talking or singing loudly, shouting, or otherwise causing or creating excessive noise; or engaging in other disruptive conduct, including but not limited to unruly children.

Interfering with another person’s use of the Library or with a Library staff member’s performance of his/her duties.

Engaging in inappropriate displays of affection, as determined by Library staff in their discretion.

Using obscene, discriminatory or demographically offensive language, as determined by the Library staff in their discretion.

Bringing animals into the Library, except a service animal needed to assist a patron or visitor with a disability, or if needed as part of an approved, organized program.

Emitting bodily hygiene so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to others.

Riding or using a skateboard, roller blades, bicycle, etc., or engaging in similar activities.

Bringing any large bags, bags with wheels, or shopping carts into the Library, other than baby strollers or any assistive medical devices.

Leaving infants, young children or other children who are in need of supervision, or adults who require special care, unattended in or around the Library.  (See Policy on Unattended Children Policy)

Distributing or posting unapproved or inappropriate material or soliciting anywhere in the Library or on Library property, including but not limited to materials that are commercial in nature, supportive of a candidate’s/candidates’ political election campaign(s), lewd, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, discriminatory (racist, sexist, ageist, etc.), or otherwise violate municipal, state and/or federal law and are not considered protected expression under state and/or federal law.  Persons may submit a written request to the Library Director to distribute or post materials, which might violate otherwise this rule, and the Director may grant or deny such request in his/her sole discretion.

Running within the Library building, except in emergency circumstances.

Using Library telephones, except in an emergency situation and with prior permission from Library staff.

Consuming food or drinks in any area of the Library other than the Library’s internet café. Beverages with lids and bottled water are permitted in some additional areas of the Library, but not at any of the public computer stations.

Repeated or severe violations of these Level I Standards, as determined by the Director or his/her designee, may subject the patron to penalties for Level II Standards.

Level II Standards – Patrons who violate Level II Standards will be asked to provide their name and home address to the requesting staff member, and will be subject to a suspension of Library privileges for a period of three (3) or more consecutive Library business days, up to and including permanent suspension of borrowing and visitation privileges.  The Director or his/her designee will determine the duration of the suspension based on the severity of the violation.  The following examples of prohibited conduct are categorized as a Level II Standards, which are prohibited within the Library building or on Library property:

Using abusive or threatening language towards another person(s);

Harassing Library patrons, visitors and/or Library staff.

Intentionally or recklessly vandalizing or inappropriately using any Library facilities, including the rest rooms, such as using rest rooms as laundry facilities, bathing facilities or gathering places.

Damaging, borrowing without proper authorization, or stealing Library materials, property and/or resources or the property of any other person.

Carrying a weapon in the Library (disclosed or undisclosed), except as authorized by law.

Filming, photographing, interviewing or otherwise recording patrons or staff within the Library, except with the Library Director’s express prior written approval and with the approval of the individual(s) being filmed, photographed, interviewed or otherwise recorded.

Violating any municipal, state and/or federal law, including but not limited to laws on assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment.

Authority of Library Staff – Any staff member may notify the Livingston Police Department or call 911, as appropriate and necessary in a given situation, and shall notify the Director, Assistant Director and/or librarian in charge immediately after placing such call or notification. 

The Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on Library premises.

The Library reserves the right to inspect any package(s), bag(s) and other personal property of any staff member, or visitor to the Library at any time, upon entering or departing the Library or while in the Library or on Library premises, in order to ensure compliance with these standards.

The Library reserves the right to interpret and apply these Standards of Conduct according to its own interpretation and in its sole discretion.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Director and Library staff members are responsible for implementing and enforcing this Policy.  Violations of this Policy will result in appropriate sanctions as set out above in this policy.  This policy shall be posted in the Library and on the Library website and copies shall be available upon request.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees 9/16/2008
Revised March 8, 2011

Revised: February 9, 2016