POLICY STATEMENT:  The Board of Trustees believes it is necessary and important to promote the security of patrons, employees and other persons in and around the Library and to safeguard Library and personal property.  The Library uses various means to promote security within and around the building, including surveillance cameras in several interior and exterior locations and staff identification badges.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs security procedures to protect and benefit Library patrons, employees and property.


Security Surveillance Cameras:

The Library uses security surveillance cameras to enhance safety and security for  Library patrons, staff, visitors and Library and personal property, while respecting each individual’s right to privacy. The cameras can assist in identifying intruders and persons breaking the law or violating the Library’s Policies, including its Standards of Conduct Policy.

Location - Surveillance cameras shall be positioned to monitor public areas of the Library that may not be easily viewed from public service desks and staff areas. Surveillance cameras shall not be used in rest rooms, nor shall they positioned specifically to identify any person’s reading, viewing or listening activities in the Library.

Signs shall be posted in the Library alerting all patrons and visitors that the premises are monitored by surveillance cameras.

Usage - Video data from the cameras shall be recorded and stored digitally on Digital Video Recorders equipped with hard drive storage capacity.  The recorded data and DVRs are considered confidential and secure.  The recorders and recorded data shall be housed in a limited-access, controlled area.  Staff shall have remote access to live feeds in order to monitor activity at the Library, when necessary. Only the following individuals are authorized to access the recorders and recorded archival data: Library Director, Assistant Library Director, or any other person receiving prior authorization from the Director or Assistant Director. The Library may modify these procedures and terminology if/when it updates its security system in response to developments in applicable technology.

The Library shall maintain recordings for approximately fourteen (14) days and then delete them automatically, except if the recording is required as part of an ongoing investigation or criminal or civil legal proceeding, in which case the recording will be separately and securely maintained.  The storage media shall be maintained in a secure area.

For investigations initiated by law enforcement agencies, recorded data will be made available to law enforcement only upon receipt of a subpoena or other court order directing the Library to produce this data. Any such review by law enforcement shall require the prior knowledge and approval of the Library Director or his/her designee. In all other respects, recorded data will be accorded the same level of confidentiality and protection provided to Library users by Livingston Public Library policies and the American Library Association policies on confidentiality and privacy.

Identification Badges – All employees working in the Library (“staff members”), must wear identification badges at all times while working, including immediately prior to and following such working time.  The Library will provide an identification badge to each staff member, which shall include the staff member’s name and  identify the individual as a member of the Library staff.     All volunteers are required to wear a Library identification badge which identifies the individual as a Library volunteer, at all times while working in the Library.

Requiring identification badges ensures that all Library staff members are readily identifiable as Library staff, which promotes greater safety and security in the Library, and enhances customer service.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Director is responsible for implementing and enforcing this Policy with the assistance of Library staff.

Approved by the Board of Trustees:  December 13, 2011

Revised: February 9, 2016