POLICY STATEMENT:  The Library will provide two book drops placed on Library property outside the Library for use by Library patrons.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs patron rights and responsibilities.

PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTATION:  Of the two available book drops, one book drop shall be designated for use only for books.  The second book drop shall be designated for use for all other materials.  The Book Drops will be labeled accordingly.

Both Book Drops will be available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Materials placed in the Book Drops before the opening of the Library will be considered as returned the previous day.  Standard fines will be charged for past due materials.

All efforts will be made to ensure the Book Drops are emptied and are serviceable.  If, however, the Book Drops become clogged, patrons shall not leave materials adjacent to the Book Drops, but rather, should use the Book Drop at the entrance to the Library.  The Library shall not be responsible for any books left outside of the Book Drops and the patron will be responsible if any materials are lost, damaged or stolen after the patron left the materials outside a Book Drop.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Director is responsible for implementing and enforcing this Policy with the assistance of Library staff.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees:  November 10, 2009

Revised: February 9, 2016