At the Livingston Public Library, we offer collections that go beyond books!  Ready, Set, Create! is an innovative take home program series that allows patrons to check out portable makerspaces that focus on Robotics, Fiber Arts, Engineering and Paper Crafts.  Each kit includes instructions as well as an open-ended prompt to encourage creativity and dialog.  If you are interested in checking out a kit, please visit our Children’s Department.  The ever-expanding Ready, Set, Create! Toolkits currently include:

Ukulele:  Learn to play the ukulele. This toolkit comes with instructions on how to tune and how to play the ukulele. 

Strawbees:  An award-winning prototyping toy for makers of all ages.  It is a kit, based on simple units called Strawbees, that lets you connect straws to each other and build all sizes of  mechanical objects from just straws and cardboard, and which stimulates the imagination and encourages storytelling endlessly.

Paper Marbling:  Marbling is a type of printing that creates beautiful designs on paper or fabric.  The technique involves floating paints on the surface of a heavy base liquid known as the “marbling size”.  A piece of paper or fabric is placed on top of the paint to capture the design. 

Sewing:   In this toolkit, you take home an actual sewing machine, sewing book with ideas and instructions, and fabric.

Quilling:  Art form in which strips of paper are rolled, shaped,and glued together to create decorative designs.  Quilling can be used to decorate cards, pictures, gift bags or boxes -- the list goes on. 

LEGO Robotics:  Build and program your first robot!  What you do after that is entirely up to you.  Using LEGO WeDo and Scratch, this toolkit gives you hands on robotics experience. 

Snap Circuits:  This toolkit makes learning electronics easy and fun.  Follow the colorful pictures in the instruction book to  build projects such as FM radios, digital voice recorders, AM radios, burglar alarms, doorbells, and more.

Makey Makey:  Turns everyday objects into touchpads and combines them with the internet.  This  simple Invention Kit is for beginners and experts doing art, engineering and everything in between.

Code & Go Mouse Kits:  A fun way for children to develop foundational coding skills.  Create a maze, then program the mouse bot through it to reach the cheese!