POLICY STATEMENT:  The Library welcomes gifts, grants, donations and bequests (collectively, “Gifts”) from individuals, organizations, companies and agencies (collectively, “Donors”).  All Gifts donated to the Library are tax deductible to the extent that the law allows, but the Library cannot guarantee the tax treatment of any specific Gift.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs rights and responsibilities of third parties wishing to make a donation to the Library.


Gifts to the Library may include books (physical and electronic), funds, furniture, artwork, collectibles, decorations, computer equipment, software, recordings (audio and visual), and other appropriate items or materials.  Gifts may be accepted or declined at the discretion of the Library Director in consultation with the Board of Trustees, as needed.  The Director will use the following criteria in determining whether the Library will accept a proposed Gift: appropriateness to the Library collection; timeliness; relation to the Library’s services to the community; availability of storage and display space; physical condition; and restrictions imposed by the Donor. Prospective Donors should consult with the Director prior to taking any action to effectuate a Gift.

Bequests or other cash donations are gladly accepted, provided the Donor does not impose any conditions or restrictions on the Gift with which the Library cannot comply.

Through the Library’s Tribute Fund, Donors can make donations in honor or in memory of a person or event. Contributions of $35.00 or more will be accepted for books or other library materials. The Donor may request that the contribution funds be spent on a specific designated subject area, topic, or type of materials and, whenever possible, the Library will honor that request.  All donated books accepted for inclusion in the collection will bear a book plate identifying the Donor (or anonymous, if preferred) and the dedication (honor or memorial). The Library welcomes corporate, foundation, or other matching gifts, and will complete any necessary forms.

Donations of new or used physical books may be accepted or rejected based on condition, timeliness, subject matter, format, or other considerations. The Library only will accept Gifts, which are clean and in good condition.  Donated books will be accepted with the understanding that they may be used for the Library collection, sent to other libraries or agencies, sold by the Library in a book sale, or discarded.

The Library reserves the right to decline any donations of print or non-print materials that it deems inappropriate or for any other reason.

The Library reserves the right to deaccession any Gift without consulting the Donor.

Appraisals for tax and any other purposes are the sole responsibility of the Donor.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Library Director is responsible for implementing and enforcing this Policy.


Approved by the Board of Trustees:

Revised:   February 9, 2016