POLICY STATEMENT:  The Livingston Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays, which further the educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable and/or public service objectives of the Library. Exhibits and displays which incorporate books and other Library materials are especially encouraged.  The Library recognizes its role in nurturing local talent and culture and, therefore, extends its preference in scheduling exhibits and displays to local schools, civic and community groups and local artists.  The Library also encourages exhibits and displays by collectors, crafts people and hobbyists.  Other displays may be devoted to an aspect of community life, science, education, family life, local or other history, community accomplishments, national anniversaries or events, or traveling exhibits in various fields and areas of interest.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs patron and third party rights and responsibilities with regard to exhibits and displays.

PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTATION:  The Library will reserve exhibit space and a display case in order to promote certain annual weeks or months.  These events include, but are not limited to, National Library Week, Black History Month, Banned Books Week, and Women’s History Month.  The Library may reserve additional time and exhibit space as it deems appropriate and as available.

The Library staff may prepare exhibits and displays of materials from the Library’s own collections.  The purpose of these displays is to stimulate interest in books and reading and to promote and relate Library collections and services to the community.

After the Library has reserved exhibit space and a display case for its own needs, community and non-profit organizations are welcome to propose exhibits and displays.  The Library will not accept exhibits and displays that are of a commercial nature, except that artists and artisans may offer for sale to the public, items, which they personally created, subject to the conditions of this Policy.  Displayed items available for purchase may not include a price tag.  Library exhibit areas are not intended for commercial or partisan use.

Groups or individuals other than the Library may reserve exhibit space and the display case up to three (3) years in advance and no more frequently than once in any three-year period. This frequency restriction may be waived at the discretion of the Library.

Duration of Exhibits - Exhibit and display areas are available on a rotating monthly basis.  Duration of the exhibit may be adjusted at the Library’s discretion.

All prospective exhibitors must complete in advance, an Exhibit Application form including photographs of all items to be displayed or samples, a portfolio, or photographs of their work for consideration. This application and sample materials must be submitted for advanced review and approval by the Library; if an exhibitor seeks to show his/her/its exhibit at a specific time, then he/she/it must submit the proposal at least two (2) months prior to the proposed exhibit date.  All requests shall be subject to the approval of the Library Director or his/her designee.  Samples of the work to be displayed submitted for consideration will be returned to the proposed exhibitor, although the Library assumes no liability for any damage that may occur to submitted work samples.

Suitability of Exhibits - In evaluating proposed exhibits and displays, the Library will consider the following factors:  professionalism; the form and content of its objectives in light of the building’s facilities, including the size and dimensions of the objects; relevance to the Library’s objectives; serious literary, artistic, scientific, cultural, intellectual and educational value; the suggested audience; the exhibitor’s intention; and exhibit schedule. 

The Library reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any work it considers inappropriate, unsuitable, or not in keeping with its objectives.  The Library will not accept any exhibits or displays which it determines to be obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, or potentially harmful to children; or which advocate for a particular candidate, political party or political cause; which promote or encourage racism, sexism or any form of discriminatory conduct; or which encourage unlawful conduct.  The Library is not required to give a reason for this decision. 

Holiday Decorations - In deference to the diverse nature of Livingston’s population, the Library’s policy is not to emphasize any specific beliefs, but rather to embrace all traditions in an appropriate manner, as determined by the Director.

The use by individuals of the Library’s facilities for displays and/or exhibits is not a right but a privilege, which is subject to ongoing review and approval by the Library Director.

If the Library approves a proposed exhibit, dates will be established with the exhibitor to come and set up the exhibit, for the start and end of the exhibition, and for the exhibitor to return to the Library to dismantle and remove the exhibit.  A designated representative of the Library shall schedule displays according to the following priority:

Library-sponsored displays including Friends of the Library, the Library Board, and general Library use.

Community based non-profit organizations or other governmental use by the Township.

Individuals and groups, whose purposes are limited to civic, cultural, intellectual, educational or charitable objectives, may apply to use the display cases to exhibit collections as outlined in the purpose

All exhibitors must sign the Exhibits and Displays Agreement prior to setting up any exhibit or display.  Any exhibitor who does not sign the Agreement will not be permitted to go forward with the exhibit.  The Director has final word on all aspects of exhibits and displays. At the scheduled time and place, the exhibitor must install the exhibit.  All exhibits must be delivered to the Library at the scheduled time and place or the Library may not allow the exhibit to go forward. 

Exhibitors are expected to provide the Library with information about the exhibit two (2) to four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled set-up date for the exhibit.  The information should include a list of the works which will be displayed and information about the exhibitor and the work.  The exhibitor also shall prepare any publicity and press releases and submit them to the Library Director or his/her designee for approval before the exhibitor distributes any such publicity.

All art works appropriate for framing must be framed and properly wired by the exhibitor and his/her/its own cost.  The exhibitor must provide, at his/her/its own expense, all supplies for exhibiting art works. . The exhibitor is responsible for hanging and dismantling works hung on the walls; if requested, an available staff member may assist an exhibitor.  All exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless the Library from any damage to any portion of his/her/its exhibit or display, and for any damage caused by the exhibitor to the Library or its facilities and other property, or to the property of any patron, staff member, or other exhibitor, consistent with the terms of the Exhibits and Displays Agreement.

Arrangement of displays shall be done under the supervision of a staff member.

A reception to mark the opening of any exhibit will be considered, provided space and time requirements of the Library and exhibitor are mutually agreeable. As required by the Library’s Use of the Program Room and Facilities Policy, the exhibitor must complete a separate application for the use of the Library’s Program Room.

Liability - The Library will try to protect exhibits, displays and their content in the same manner as it protects other displays in the Library, but shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to all or any part of any exhibit or display.  Exhibitors shall be advised to carry their own insurance in amount of not less than $250.00 per occurrence to indemnify themselves and/or the Library, as appropriate, in the event any part or all of an exhibit or display is damaged, destroyed or lost or if their display or exhibit causes any harm to any person, to the Library, its property or the property of any patron, staff member or exhibitor.  The Library’s Exhibits and Displays Agreement, which every exhibitor must sign prior to exhibiting, shall include release language relieving the Library of responsibility for any loss or damage to any exhibit or display or its contents.  Such Agreement also shall include an indemnification provision by which the exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Library from any damage to his/her/its exhibit or display, and for any damage caused by the exhibitor or exhibit to the Library or its facilities or property, or to the property of any patron, staff member, or other exhibitor.  Neither the Library nor the Township of Livingston will assume any liability for any loss or damage to any exhibit or display.

Items displayed may not include price tags or other information regarding the purchase of items, other than information about how to contact the exhibitor. Items must be removed from the display cases or exhibit area within three (3) business days following the ending date of the exhibit, or they will be removed and stored by the Library staff. After fourteen (14) days, the Library will dispose of all exhibit items and shall incur no liability or indebtedness to the exhibitor for such actions. The Library has no secure facilities for storage and assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to any items included in or around an exhibit or display. The exhibitor may be required to pay a fee for storage of exhibit items not promptly removed, prior to the Library returning or disposing of such items.

The display of items in the Library does not indicate endorsement by the Library of the issues, events, or services promoted by those materials. The Library and the Board of Trustees do not advocate or endorse any of the ideas, issues, events or services promoted by or included within exhibits and displays allowed within the Library.

Any or all exhibits procedures shall be subject to change without notice by The Board of Trustees.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Library Director responsible for implementing and enforcing this Policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees:  12/16/2008

Revised:   February 9, 2016

Throughout this policy, the terms “exhibits” and “displays” are used interchangeably and shall have the same meaning.