POLICY STATEMENT:  A portion of the Library’s mission is to meet the needs of the residents of Livingston in all aspects of library service and the Library shall safeguard every citizen’s freedom to access all Library information resources.  In an effort to make current technology available to the public, and to all patrons to try out new technology, the Library shall endeavor to offer new applications within the limits of its budget.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs patron rights and responsibilities.

PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTATION:  Patrons wishing to borrow electronic media equipment from the Library must comply with the following requirements:

1.   The patron must hold a Livingston Public Library card and be 18 years or older.

2.   The patron must sign a written agreement, which shall include the following:

a.   Length of time equipment may be borrowed;

b.   Rate for late charges if the patron returns the equipment after the due date;

c.   Replacement cost plus service fee to cover any loss or damage to the equipment; and

d.   The patron must return the equipment directly to Livingston Public Library.

The Library will retain the signed agreement on file at least until the patron returns the equipment and the Library verifies that it is neither damaged nor broken.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Library’s Circulation Department shall be responsible for the lending, returning and checking equipment, and will develop procedures for downloading to make the equipment operational.

Approved by the Board of Trustees:  July 12, 2006

Revised:    February 9, 2016