Humans vs Zombies


Dear Livingston Library Community,

Remember how stressful test-taking was as a teenager?  Staying up late nights studying and being drained by the end of exams?  Were you...drained as a zombie, perhaps?

Well, after their AP exams last week, Livingston’s teens get to let loose and enjoy having the Library all to themselves on May 19th for our amazing after-hours Humans vs. Zombies program.  Our teen librarian, Karen deWilde, and our dedicated Teen Advisory Board are busy creating a post-Zombie apocalyptic wonderland out of the darkened Library.  Teens grade 9-12 will split up into humans and zombies, use teamwork and strategy to survive…and win the game.  For added fun, they will be making zombie-inspired treats out of rice krispies and chocolate.  Yum!  Now those are some brains anyone might want to eat!


All the best,