Policy #1.15

Circulation Policy


The Livingston Public Library, the place where reading, learning, and ideas converge to transform lives.


In keeping with this mission statement, the Livingston Public Library strives to meet the needs of its members in all aspects of library services.


As a center of education, information, recreation and culture, the Library shall serve a diverse and changing community with a welcoming atmosphere, a qualified staff, and a wide variety of materials, programs and current technology.


Library Membership:


The Livingston Public Library requires that all members have a valid library card in order to borrow materials.  The Library is also part of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS) and follows the reciprocal borrowing policies set by the cooperative, including all patrons may have only one valid card in the system.


The Livingston Public Library offers a variety of memberships.  Valid ID and proof of residency is required for all cards. 


     Free Cards   

All residents and property owners of Livingston are entitled to a free library card. Proof of residency is required.  Please see the list of acceptable forms of identification, below.  ID must be current and valid. 


     Courtesy Cards

Patrons, who work or attend school in Livingston, may qualify for a Livingston Library Courtesy card. Proof of Livingston employment or school is required.  Acceptable documents may be:


     Photo ID or one of the following:

     Current pay stub (dated within the past 30 days)

     Letter from employer (dated within past 30 days)

     School report card (current school year)

     School ID with current year (may also serve as photo ID)


Courtesy cards are valid for one (1) year and are accepted only at the Livingston Public Library. 


Please note, Courtesy card members may not reserve/place holds or renew items in the Public Access Catalogue (PAC) at this time, and must call the Library at (973)992-4600 for these services.  Courtesy card members may not borrow Nooks, museum passes, or eContent.


     ReBL cards

ReBL (Reciprocal Borrowing) cards are available from many libraries in Essex County and are valid with the Livingston Public Library.  The following are participating ReBL libraries:


Belleville Public Library, Caldwell Public Library, Caldwell University Library, Cedar Grove Public Library, East Orange Public Library, Essex County College Library, Fairfield Public Library, Irvington Public Library, Newark Public Library, Orange Public Library, Rutgers-Newark/Dana Library, Seton Hall/Walsh Library, South Orange Public Library, Verona Public Library. (Updated 2016)


ReBL cards are valid for one (1) year and must have a current sticker.  ReBL card members have limited borrowing privileges with the Livingston Public Library.  Please call (973) 992-4600 for more information.


     Purchased cards

Library cards are available for purchase to non-residents for $150 annually per person and $300 annually per family. Paid memberships are only valid at the Livingston Public Library.  Please note, Paid card members may not place holds at the PAC or via the website.  Please call the Library for assistance.


Acceptable forms of identification:


ID must be valid and must have the individual’s current street address listed. P.O. boxes or commercial box numbers can be used for mailings only, but are not acceptable as proof of residency. Acceptable forms of ID include:


     Current Driver's License

     Voter Registration Card

     Military or other Government ID

     Student or Job ID

     Store Membership Card with photo

     United States Passport

     Mortgage or Lease Statement (dated within the past 30 days)

     Utility Bill (dated within the past 30 days)

     Tax Records (current year)

     Bank Statement (dated within the past 30 days)

     Report card--Students (current or immediate past school year)


Cardholder User Agreement:

In registering for a Livingston library card, members are agreeing that they are responsible for all materials checked out to their Library account. Parents or guardians are financially responsible for all materials checked out by their minor children. Materials checked out must be returned in good and complete condition. 


Any material lost or damaged will be charged to the library card.  (See Loan Periods and Fines section below.)  When fines or fees total $10.00 or more, an account has more than ten (10) items overdue, or an item checked out to an account is more than sixty (60) days overdue, the card will be blocked from checking out material until the account is returned to good standing by the member paying the fines or fees in full and/or returning the overdue items, as applicable.


All members can access their library account online 24/7, where they can view and manage the following:  items currently checked out, outstanding fines,  requests*, notification settings, as well as the ability to renew* items before they become overdue. A valid library card number and PIN, will be needed to login.  Members can click on Your Account at livingston.bccls.org on our webpage or visit catalog.bccls.org/polaris/logon.aspx.


*Courtesy card members and Purchased card members must contact the Livingston Public Library to reserve/place holds and renew items.






Privacy Statement:

The Livingston Public Library protects the privacy of all persons who use the Library and its resources and services, to prevent unauthorized use of any member's personal identifying information, regardless of age.  The Library retains only information that is necessary for library operations and only for as long as the information is necessary for library operations.  Library records, which contain the names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of libraries are confidential and may not be disclosed to anyone, including family members, the public, the media, or any agency of state, federal or local government except in the following circumstances:


     The records are necessary for the proper operation of the library;

     Disclosure is requested by the user; or

     Disclosure is required pursuant to a subpoena issued by a court or court order.


The Library cannot give out personal identifying information regarding patrons or member accounts to anyone, except as provided above, including borrowing history, frequency or nature of a patron’s visits to the Library, holds, fines, use of computers and other equipment, etc.  Holds must be picked up with the card to which the hold is assigned.  The Library will make a note in a member’s record if he/she comes into the Library and personally grants permission for a designated household member to pick up the member’s hold(s).


The rights of parents/guardians to access information about children are as follows:  A parent or guardian of a member, who is 12 years old or younger shall be granted access to his/her child’s account, including with regard to materials currently checked out and fines or fees due. The parent or guardian of a member who is  aged 13-17 may be granted access information about his/her child's fines, but not to title information, except if the title information directly pertains to a fine and/or an overdue item.  Additional information about the account can also be disclosed if the teen member is present and authorizes such access.


Renewing library cards:  

Livingston Public Library cards expire every three (3) years.  Courtesy, ReBL, and Purchased card memberships expire after one (1) year.  Members will need to visit the Library to renew their card and must present an acceptable form of ID.  The Library will not renew cards via the phone, email or regular mail.


Lost or stolen cards:

If a Library card is lost or stolen, the member must contact the Library’s Circulation department, (973) 992-4600, as soon as possible in order to prevent unauthorized use of the card.  Replacement cards are available for $1.00.  Members will need to visit the Library to replace their card and must present an acceptable form of ID.  The Library will not replace cards via the phone, email or regular mail.



Members may request that the Library reserve/put on hold items that are currently checked out or available at another BCCLS library. Items in the Library’s collection may be reserved at the Reference Desk, Circulation Desk, PACs, or by phone.  Members can visit the library’s website to place a reserve.


There is no charge to reserve a book. If an item is not present in the Livingston or BCCLS collections, the Library may try to locate it by placing an inter-library loan (ILL) request for the item (see below).  The Library card on which the item(s) have been reserved, must be presented in order to pick up any “HOLD” items. Reserved items on the HOLDS shelf must be checked out on the Library card before the item(s) may leave the Library.


Inter-Library Loan (ILL):

Inter-library Loan (ILL) is request option for members in good standing on items that are not present in the Livingston collection or BCCLS libraries. An ILL request can take 2-3 weeks until the item is ready for pickup.  Loan periods of ILL requests are typically 2 weeks (14 days) for media and 4 weeks (28 days) for print materials; however, loan periods are subject to the loaning libraries’ discretion. All renewal requests must go through the Library’s ILL Specialist.



Members can request to renew any borrowed Livingston items up to two (2) times, except reserved items, wildcard books, hi-demand DVDs, and reference materials, which may not be renewed and must be returned by the original due date.  If an item is reserved by another member, it cannot be renewed. Items owned by other libraries are subject to those libraries’ renewal limits.


Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Specialist will review all requests to renew ILL on case-by-case basis.


Loan periods and fines schedule:

Livingston/BCCLS members can check out up to a maximum TOTAL of 50 items per library card at any one time.  Members must present Library cards at the time of checkout.  All information listed in the following chart is subject to change at any time by the Library, in its sole discretion, upon issuance of an updated chart or notice, which will be posted in the Library and on the Library’s website.


Loan Periods, Renewals, Limits, and Fines


Loan Period


Limit per Card



28 days




New Fiction*/Nonfiction

14 days





28 days




Music CD

14 days





7 days




Reference (Adult)

Items can circulate only with Ref. staff approval

Reference must approve all renewals



Reference (Juvenile)

7 days

No renewal




Inter-library Loan (ILL)

14 or 28 days

Only by ILL specialist approval




7 days




Museum Pass

3 days

No renewal



Preloaded Nook

14 days




Mobile Hotspot

14 days





2 hours

No renewal


$10.00/ hour

Library Tote Bag

28 days




Library Umbrella

28 days

No renewal



Total Item Limit per card






*Materials cannot be renewed if there is a hold on them for another member.

Damaged/Lost Items

Items considered too damaged to circulate

or lost




Determined by the price listed in the library catalog or, if the price is not listed in the database, by comparing the replacement cost from a library vendor.

Lost museum pass




Fee museum charges to replace the library’s membership, plus a $25 processing fee

Lost museum pass case





Damaged/Lost Nook





Mobile Hotspot






Laptop charging cable

Laptop sleeve









Damaged/Lost totebag





Damaged/Lost umbrella





Missing barcode





Missing Audiobook CD




$12.00/ CD if available; otherwise cost to replace entire audiobook

Missing DVD case





Missing Audiobook/DVD cover





Missing CD case





Missing travel map






Replacement library card















$0.15/page for B&W

$0.25/page for Color


Maximum fines:  All items are capped at $10.00/per item, excluding Museum Passes Nooks, mobile hotspots, and laptops, which are capped at $20.00. 



The Library issues notifications as a courtesy via email, text, mail and phone for reserve, overdue and lost material.  It is the member’s responsibility to keep track of when items are due to be returned to the Library.  Members opting for email or text notifications will also receive a courtesy notification sent 3 days prior to the date borrowed materials are due back to the Library.


Lost and damaged items

If an item is long overdue, 90 days or more, or damaged, the Library will bill the member for the cost to replace the item.  The Library will not accept a replacement for a lost or damaged item purchased by a member or other patron. Members paying for damaged materials can keep the item.  Please consult with Head of Patron Services concerning any lost or damaged item.



Lost items that have been paid for, but then found, can be returned to the Library within 30 days of payment to receive a refund.  No other refunds will be offered.


Museum Passes:

The Library maintains passes for select museums, which allow the holder to visit the museum without having to pay an admission charge.  Livingston residents, 18 years or older, who have Library cards in good standing, and non-residents, 18 years or older, who purchased a Library card, which is in good standing, may borrow a museum pass.


A member may reserve a pass by phone, for pick up the same day, during the Library’s regular business hours.  Passes will also be available on a first-come, first-served, walk-in basis.  Members must sign a copy of the Livingston Public Library Museum Pass Policy when checking out a pass for the first time.  Members may borrow the pass for three (3) days, in addition to the day it was checked out.  Members are reminded to bring their Livingston Library card and the Museum Pass to the museum in order to gain free admission. Passes must be returned before Library closing time on the date it is due.  Passes may not be put in the book drop or they will be considered returned late and the member will be subject to fine.  One (1) museum pass will be issued to a household at a time. Please refer to the Library’s Fine Schedule to review costs for lost museum passes and or a lost museum pass cases.


Museum passes are made possible through the generous support of the Friends of the Livingston Public Library.


B&N Nooks/eReader Program:


Livingston Public Library circulates 10 Nook eReaders to Livingston resident members and Purchased card members.  Members must be 18 years or older and in good standing, with no outstanding fees or fines, in order to borrow an eReader, and must sign an eReader Policy form before borrowing. Each Nook is preprogrammed with many current, popular fiction and nonfiction titles.  Patrons have a choice of a Nook for adults or one for children.  All Nooks must be returned to the Circulation Desk.  Nooks cannot be returned to the bookdrop. Each Nook has a loan period of two (2) weeks, and can be renewed one (1) time, if there are no reserves.  Please refer to the Library’s Fine Schedule to review costs for late fee and/or a lost Nook.


B&N Nook/eReader Program is made possible through the generous support of the Friends of the Livingston Public Library and funded by a grant from Macy’s.


Mobile Hotspots:


A member, in good standing, may reserve a mobile hotspot by phone during the Library’s regular business hours.   Members must sign a copy of the Livingston Public Library Mobile Hotspot Policy when checking out a hotspot for the first time.  Members may borrow the hotspot for 2 weeks (14 days),and renew one (1) time .  Hotspots must be returned before Library closing time on the date it is due.  Hotspots may not be put in the book drop or they will be considered returned late and the member will be subject to fine.  One (1) hotspot will be issued to a household at a time.   Please refer to the Library’s Fine Schedule to review costs for lost mobile hotspots.


Library Laptops:


A member, 18 years or older, may checkout a Laptop for an initial period of up to 2 hours to use within the interior of the library. Members must sign a copy of the Livingston Public Library Laptop Loan Borrower Agreement when checking out a Laptop for the first time. Laptops must be checked out from and returned to the same Library Service Desk. Laptops may not be reserved. Please refer to the Library’s Fine Schedule to review costs for lost Laptops.


Revised: 10/10/17