POLICY STATEMENT:  The Library offers a public bulletin board for the use by the community in furtherance of the Library’s mission to serve Livingston’s diverse and changing community as a center of education, information, recreation and culture.

APPLICATION:  This Policy governs patron rights and responsibilities.

PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTATION:  The Library offers a public bulletin board for the use by committees, boards and divisions of Livingston Public Library, the Township of Livingston, Livingston Board of Education, and affiliated non-profit organizations, and any person or organization within the Livingston community, who/which is engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities (“Authorized Users”).  Only items of an educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable or public service nature shall be considered for posting.

The following items will not be accepted for posting:

Advertisements of products or services offered by commercial organizations or individuals

Petitions of any kind

Political advertisements or campaign materials regarding specific individuals or groups of candidates

Anything containing offensive, obscene, sexually explicit materials, or demographically discriminatory language or other content, which is not consistent with the Library’s mission.

Materials submitted for posting must be no larger than eleven (11) inches high and eight and one-half (8.5) inches wide. 

All materials must be submitted to the Library for approval prior to posting.  Any material posted without receiving prior approval, will be removed from the bulletin board.

The Library Director will have final authority to determine whether materials are acceptable for posting on the bulleting board.

Any approved material may remain on the bulletin board for a period not to exceed two (2) weeks, however, materials may be approved to remain on the bulletin board for more than two (2) weeks, subject to available space.

The Library and the Board of Trustees do not advocate or endorse any of the ideas, issues or events promoted by or included within material posted on the Library’s public bulletin boards. Posting authorization shall be determined without regard to the content, viewpoints, beliefs or affiliations of the Authorized Users, including organizational and individual sponsors of materials approved for posting, except as set out in this policy.

The Library assumes no legal or financial responsibility for the preservation or protection of any materials submitted for posting.  Materials will not be returned.

ENFORCEMENT/IMPLEMENTATION:  The Director and designated staff members are responsible for implementing and enforcing this Policy. 

Approved by the Board of Trustees July 12, 2006

Revised:   February 9, 2016

Revised: October 10, 2017