Book Club in a Bag

Everything you need to run your own book club:  8 copies of one title, author bio, discussion questions and more. Just add friends!

BCIB Atwood Handmaid Cover.jpg

Atwood, Margaret.  
The Handmaid’s Tale.

A chilling, timely classic dystopian novel. The U.S. has become a Christian military theocracy, and a formerly free woman must serve as concubine to “The Commander.”  Winner of the first Arthur C. Clarke Award. Basis for the hit Hulu TV series.

BCIB Backman Grandmother Cover.jpg

Backman, Frederik.
My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry.


From the author of A Man Called Ove.” Smart, sarcastic, seven-year-old Elsa cares for no one except Granny… until Granny dies, leaving letters of apology that illuminate her ties to the people around them.

BCIB Coates Between Cover.jpg

Coates, Ta-Nehisi.
Between the World and Me.

A staff writer for The Atlantic and winner of the MacArthur “genius award” writes a letter to his teenage son about being a black man in America today. Winner of the National Book Award.

BCIB Ferrante Brilliant Cover.jpg

Ferrante, Elena.
My Brilliant Friend.

Book one of the acclaimed Neapolitan Novels by the bestselling mystery woman of Italian literature. Two gifted girls growing up in the slums of Naples after WWII are linked by a fateful friendship despite diverging lives. Soon to be an HBO series.

BCIB Ford Hotel Cover.jpg

Ford, Jamie.
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.


A poignant and freshly relevant historical novel. In a long-shuttered hotel in Seattle, a Chinese-American widower searches for the belongings of his lost first love, a Japanese-American girl swept up in the WWII internment camps.

BCIB Gawande Mortal Cover.jpg

Gawande, Atul. 
Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters In the End.

A superb oncologist, surgeon, and best-selling author tackles the hardest questions of his profession: the limits of modern medicine, what makes a “good death,” and how to ensure dignity and comfort at the end of life.

BCIB Jones Silver Cover.jpg

Jones, Tayari.
Silver Sparrow.

When two teenage girls meet, only one of them knows they have the same father, a bigamist who has long maintained two separate separate families in the same middle class African-American neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Exquisitely drawn and evocative novel. Chosen as the first Essex County “Big Read.”

BCIB Krueger Ordinary Cover.jpg

Krueger, William Kent.
Ordinary Grace

A best-selling suspense novel hailed as an instant classic. A placid small town in Minnesota, ca. 1960, is thrown topsy turvy when the preacher’s daughter disappears. Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel.

BCIB Simsion Rosie Cover.jpg

Simsion, Graeme.
The Rosie Project.

A hilarious, touching rom-com about a brilliant social misfit with a Wife Project questionnaire designed to weed out smokers, vegetarians, the chronically late, and other undesirables... like the enchanting Rosie. An international bestseller.

BCIB Vance Hillbilly Cover.jpg

Vance, J.D.
Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of Family and Culture in Crisis.

The truthful, vivid, sometimes heartrending memoir of a young man with Appalachian roots who grew up poor in Ohio yet made it to Yale law school and became a successful attorney. Film version release is scheduled for 2018.

BCIB Walls Glass Cover.jpg

Walls, Jeannette.
The Glass Castle

A successful gossip columnist’s story of being raised by an eccentric artist and inventor who let their children sink or swim-- quite literally. This celebrated memoir is by turns sad, hilarious, puzzling, and thrilling but always a page turner. Recently released as a film with Woody Harrelson, Naomi Watts, and Brie Larson.